Trust Credits

The day we began our journey towards the digitalization of Chaukalshi Vadval Samaj, we did not expect the thunderous response we received from each of the person we meet. To be honest, every one of them applauded our effort and lend their helping hand towards the success of this project. We were humbled by this reaction and thank each of them for their generous contribution.

Our sincere thanks goes to Mrs. Pranita Pankaj Thakur, President of the Trust, for aligning with our vision and allowing us the freedom to perform this social duty in a manner which we thought was best possible way to implement. We also extend our thanks to Mr. Jayesh Raut, for his constant support and encouragement towards fulfilment of this common goal. The two, served us religiously and have mentored us throughout this wonderful journey.

As the saying goes 'a Captain is only half good as his team', we were very fortunate to gather a team that had players playing for a common goal leaving behind their personal grudges, whatsoever, if they had have experienced in their earlier episodes. On a contrary, they were delighted to step up and come forward to serve in this historic project. Their zeal was our fuel!

A meticulous planning was required for successful implementation of this project. First and foremost was the issue of 'Time', since we all are compressed in this fast moving world. Next, we had to cope up with the issues of 'Technology', besides allocation of resources on 'Financial' front. However, by selection of self-motivated individuals for each role, we managed to swim through the turbulent waves.

In the process, we have built-up a digital team, that shall serve the various social roles, thereby causing an overall upliftment of the community as whole. The team has a combine blend of youths and stalwarts, males and females, thinkers and writers, techo savvy and novice, individuals’ whose service was quintessential for this project. We count on them to hatch the eggs in future too.

Following are the people whose relentless devotion and service has brought us up to the current position:

Mr. Shashank Patil

Shashank Patil, as we all know is a leader himself and has introduced various social beneficial schemes for the upliftment of our community members. His vast experience and truck-load of knowledge has benefited us in the implementation of this project. The limited time we spent with him discussing about various aspects of the project was worthy and has helped us expand our vision. His enthusiasm was magnetic and we were able to attract towards him quite naturally. The management lessons we acquired in these scare moments with him has enhanced our understanding exceptionally, beyond the boundaries of book knowledge. We thank him for all his time and sincerely wish that we can continue to work alongside such a huge leader for the benefit of the community people at large, through this flagship project.


It was imperative to collect data about the demographic concentration of the community. The collected statistics would facilitate the administrators for formulation and implementation of various policies. However, the collection of data was a big challenge. Over various brainstorming sessions, we finally agreed to begin a survey at each of the 18 base villages and try to cover every family staying in these villages and also those families who have moved out.

We formed the teams in each village by selecting young person for the job, thereby allowing them an independent platform to contribute to this historic cause. And to everyone's surprise, we were able to generate a cent percent result. Each and every person lived up to our expectation and has delivered their duties to utmost satisfaction. The entire community shall remain gratified to them all.

Following are the teams who worked tirelessly on this survey:

1. Narpad

  • Pradip Purushottam Raut
  • Samidha Nilam Patil
  • Bhakti Nandkumar Raut
  • Samruddhi Hemant Patil
  • Riddesh Liladhar Patil

2. Shirgaon

  • ‎Kanchan Moreshwar Raut

3. Mahim

  • Prashant Pramod Thakur
  • Devadatta Avinash Raut
  • Jay Ajay Patil
  • Ajay Sadanand Patil
  • Pratik Jagdish Patil
  • Smit Mahesh Patil

4. Kelwa

  • Jayesh Bhaskar Raut
  • Krupali Mukesh Patil
  • Manish Vilas Raut
  • Ashish Balwant Patil

5. Juhu

  • Kalpana Kishor Raut
  • Late Snehal Sunil Raut

6. Salvad

  • Vinay Hareshwar Patil
  • Anand Yashwant Raut
  • Rohan D Raut
  • Kunjal Rajendra Raut

7. Nandgaon

  • Prashant Mukund Patil
  • Ashish Raut

8. Kamare

  • Ajay Ganpat Purav
  • Priyaal Ramesh Purav

9. Pofphran

  • Jayesh Ramesh Patil
  • Tushar Gangadhar Patil
  • Haresh Kamlakar Raut
  • Virendra Baburao Patil

10. Ghivali

  • Mangesh Ganpat Patil
  • Vinay Surendra Patil
  • Ruchita Ramesh Patil

11. Madhukar Nagar

  • Rajendra Purav
  • Vijay Govind Purav
  • Yogesh Govind Purav
  • Deepak Pandurang Purav

12. Umroli

  • Bhupendra Sadashiv Raut
  • Shashank Harichandra Raut

13. Chinchani

  • Pramod Narayan Raut
  • Pratiksha Pramod Raut
  • Suresh Narayan Raut
  • Amita Suresh Raut

14. Betegaon

  • Mangesh Sitaram Raut.
  • Rinali Hemant Patil
  • Suraksha Dinesh Patil

15. Varor

  • Sumedh Hemchandra Patil
  • Minal Prakash Raut
  • Kushal Prakash Raut
  • Vaibhav Jaywant Raut

16. Allayali

  • Smit milind Thakur
  • Vaibhav Nandkumar Patil
  • Harshal Ravindra Patil
  • Kishor G. Patil

17. Panchali

  • Gaurav Madhukar Patil
  • Shashank Hemant Patil
  • Jayendra Bhalchandra Patil
  • Vishal Narendra Patil
  • Kishore Ramchandra Thakur
  • Minesh Narendra Patil

18. Mande

  • Work yet to commence

* Beg your pardon if a name or two is missed. Please bring to our notice immediately.

Data entry personnel

The task to clog-in the data into the website was an herculean task, reason being that the survey forms were filled up by various surveyor's with understanding of their own, and quite naturally had some human errors and limitations. The data if not entered uniformally, would defeat the entire purpose of the project. The required statistics would have not been generated and the policies that it could derive would never been able to setup. Hence, the contribution of data entry team, a dedicated couple, Mrs. Darshana & Mr. Bipin Patil, is at its pinnacle. The time they have spared for entering the forms is Divine sacrifice and we shall remain obliged till eternity.


We are thankful for various writers who have contributed their time and energy for building up the various sections of this site. Their effort has enriched this site. In some sections, we have referred old magazines published by the Trust, we feel obliged to the writer's and publisher's of these magazines too.


Our community is blessed with people, who have developed their skills in field of Art; writing and poetry at its core. Thanks to the efforts of all the previous leaders who propagated the importance of Education and successfully installed this theory in vast masses. Today, we have gems around us who can write on subjects of interest and communicate their thoughts through quality write-ups or poetries. We have provided them a digital platform here, from which they can publish themselves from their current location and the Internet penetration will allow them to get reach from every corner of the world. The stage is open to all. However, the criteria of 'Quality' and 'Originality' of message cannot be compromised.

Mr. Rajesh Patil (Videographer)

In this website we have included the section of video blogs (Vlogs) where in we extend our hand to all of the community members who have interest in cooking recipie's, traditional or modern. We would shoot the process & upload it on the YouTube channel. Rajesh Shantaram Patil (Borivali-Narpad) being appointed as the videographer for the same. He offers his rich experience with the camera, besides being a dedicated student of latest technology gadgets. Also, being an avid traveller he brings with him a galore of offerings with his vast knowledge. His contribution to this project so far has reaped huge dividends & we shall prosper together with his expertise in the subject. So, fix your appointment with him soon & become a part of this historic project!

‎Technology providers

The use of Technology was a critical factor for building up this site, which has static as well as dynamic access of data. Post struggling initially, we were able to lock horns with Diligence Web Technologies. Their qualified and experienced team was able to connect with us for the common goal. The journey so far has been great and we look forward to them for future programs too.

While we have tried or are in process to utilise our resources and talents to umpteen capacities, there are possibilities that you may have better ideas and outlook for serving the community. We warmly welcome you with a wide smile.

The successful institutions are built upon the strong 'systems' that are driven by devoted individuals. We wish to follow this path and look forward to serve the community and its members with 'Digital' platform at its core.

The floor is open! is yours!!
Come and contribute!!!

Yours sincerely, digital team